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Cosmetics and Massages for Total Wellness


Snail slime

€ 43,00

Snail slime is one of the best substances for skin care and regeneration, as it contains anti-oxidants capable of slowing the aging process by eliminating free radicals. A key element for returning skin to a healthy, youthful and tonic look.


Pure Argan Oil

€ 28,00

Argan oil, full of unsaturated acids and Vitamin E, is used to repair cellular membranes from the damaging activity of free radicals. This substance has an anti-aging effect, reactivates the vital functions of cells, improves the muscular tone of the face, mitigates the appearance of wrinkles, smoothens the skin and reduces cutaneous irritability.

Buckthorn line

Buckthorn oil has high contents in terms of essential nutrients for the regeneration of cells of the epidermis. This is why it helps minimize the presence of wrinkles and other skin imperfections, aiding the softness, tone and elasticity of the epidermis.


Camelia and Calendula Line

This line is recommended for particularly sensitive skins, with a tendency to redness. Thanks to its many active principles, it has hydrating, cleansing and soothing properties. 




Californian Massage

Duration 50' € 75,00 per person

Fluid, enveloping, sweetly affective movements which enwrap the whole surface of the body. The Californian Massage is recommended for re-establishing wellness against stress or physical and mental tiredness.


Holistic Massage

Duration 50' € 75,00 per person

A manual technique aiming to re-set physical, mental and spiritual wellness. During the holistic massage, the body is always treated with manoeuvres that graze and distend, enveloping all the tissues involved. This massage is indicated for all individuals who feel “tied up”, stiffened, swollen.


Duration 50' € 80,00 per person

Kobido is the traditional Japanese face and neck massage. It improves the natural condition of the skin and minimizes the aging process, resulting in a “Natural Lifting” effect. It enhances the hydration, elasticity, tonicity and luminosity of the skin and liberates the face and neck from muscular tension.

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